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Dragonflow Pike版本动态

这篇是我自己所了解的关于Dragonflow Pike版本的动态,仅供参考。

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Dragonflow support SDN ToR Hardware requirements

Add SDN ToR Hardware In

There are several model of SDN ToR Hardwares support OVSDB/OpenFlow/RPC we want to add it to our sdn solution to achieve automated underlay network provisioning, like automated create VTEP, translation between vlan and vxlan. does Hierarchical Port Binding (SDN ToR) features can really achieve the goal?

Automatic Topology Discovery

Including SDN ToR Hardware and compute node server,should dynamic display of topology changes. for now, df support it?

Northbound API

AFAIK, Currently df doesn’t have Northbound api, right? if so, it makes third party Controllers unable to interact with df

Control SDN ToR Hardware Directly

if third party Controllers Control SDN ToR Hardware,it will have a problem on consistency of data, does it possible to Control SDN ToR Hardware Directly?

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之前一直搞不清楚开源License的区别。 今天看懂峰哥的博客,一下就明白了!http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2011/05/how_to_choose_free_software_licenses.html 只需要看这张图:

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OpenStack hacker

I read this post when i was starting learning OpenStack I think it helpful,feel free read it, OpenStacker newbie!

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